PALSOMINE – A Children’s Movement

Palsomine  pālz-oh-mīne 1. A play on words; meaning – Friends of mine. Alternate: With my friends. 2. A movement exploring the beauties of friendship and outdoor play. Members pledge never to allow friends to be bullied in any way, to always be there for them. Movement slogan: ‘For my friends I will always be the cavalry to the rescue.’ Palsomines enjoy each other’s friendship from the North to South Poles.

See Also: Palsomine Air: With my friends – In the air.

Recognized movement logos: PALSOMINE; PALSOMINE AIR.


From Sleepyheads Dream 10:

‘Inside the Poetry Statue’

Emily dreamed of being a poet. When she got to Storyland she got her wish, and inside the Poetry Statue she wrote this.

Now what else should I say—what do I see, or have I seen?’

“I’ve seen what friendship is,” Emily said, as she thought about her friends on the PALSOMINE blimp.

Then Emily felt a warmth all around and inside her, and wrote these simple words, almost being whispered:


Where I want to be
My friends do come with me,
And what they want to play
I try to see their way.

Standing with me I’m sad
They gently tell me when I’m bad;
When it’s time to run and laugh
They are my happy, eager staff.

Yes my friends are these I know
Who will miss me when I go,
Just as I will yearn for them
And want to touch them with my pen.

Looking at the final line Emily thought the poem ended, but there was more, just a little, and it came to her (appended):

So to my friends I wish to give
That which makes me want to live–

Then Emily thought, ‘What do my friends give, that makes me want to live each day, and I want to give them too?’

A love they know to them is free
And will be their cavalry.